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  • When do programs start?
    There are no start times. Royalty Athletes operate YEAR-ROUND! That means you can join any of our programs at anytime and your child will be accustom to playing in the sun, rain, cold, or wind.
  • How does the Free Trial work?
    Free trials are given before committing to sign up. This is to ensure that your child is evaluated based on his or her age group and skill level in soccer, basketball, and/or volleyball. However, we do require parents to register before the trial class to be within our scheduling system. Register for a Free Trial Class for Royalty Kicks Here Register for a Free Trial Class for Royalty Hoops Here Register for a Free Trial Class for Royalty Spikes Here
  • What does my child need to bring to each class?
    For Both Royalty Kicks and Royalty Hoops: All medical related devices your child may need such as an inhaler or EpiPen Our coaches do have basic first aid kits to tend to any cuts or bruises obtained during the practice session. A reusable water bottle or flask with your child’s name. For Royalty Kicks Players: A pair of cleats and shin guards with soccer socks A soccer ball with your child's name on the ball (sharpie works great). Below is a guide for what ball suits your child Ages 4-5 should use a SIZE 3 soccer ball Ages 6-9 should use a SIZE 4 soccer ball Ages 9-12 should use a SIZE 5 soccer ball For Royalty Hoops Players: A pair of shoes or basketball shoes (not required) A basketball with your child's name on the ball (sharpie works great). Below is a guide for what ball suits your child Ages 5-7 should use a size 27.5 Ages 8-12 should use a size 28.5 For Royalty Spikes Players: A pair of shoes A volleyball with your child's name on the ball (sharpie works great). Below is a guide for what ball suits your child Ages 8 and under should use a oversized or lightweight ball Ages 8-12 should use an official size or lightweight ball
  • How to set up a Make Up Class?
    Yes, make-up classes are available. Please notify Royalty Kicks/Hoops/Spikes ahead of the scheduled class time that your child will be missing. Then, please fill out the Make Up Request Form. We will reschedule your child in the next available class based on their age and skills level group. However, the make up class MUST be attended within 2 weeks of your child missing their class. For example, if your child misses class on January 1st, they must attend a make up class on or before January 14th. Makeup Request Form:
  • What if I don’t see a membership or class that works for my child’s schedule?
    If you do not see your an appropriate class for you child, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate a coach and time slot for you.
  • What are the Structures of Classes?
    Our classes usually run with this schedule Warms Ups (10 minutes) Two laps around the field/court Small exercises to warm up the body and loosen muscles such as high knees, sprints, and footwork Introductory drill to introduce the focus of the training session (10 minutes) Work on positioning, dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, skill work, conditioning, and/or communication Develop the exercise (15 minutes) Involve and utilize more skills learned previously for repetition Continue practicing and focusing on the topic of the session Mini Scrimmages or Games to evaluate the grasp of players on the skills or knowledge learned the day of the training (10 minutes) Big Game involving players of similar age levels, but all skill levels that were training at the same time (10 minutes) Allows for less skillful players to have a challenge and higher skillful players to practice using their skills Review session reviewing the skills learned and players are given a treat. Motts Gummy Bears or a Granola Bar (5 minutes)
  • How do the sibling discounts, packages, and group discounts work?
    When you come in for your free trial class, please find Jimmy or an employee for Royalty Athletes and state the discount you are looking for: sibling discount, package discount, or group discount. The employee will take your information and confirm within our system if you qualify for the discount you stated. If you qualify, you will be texted or emailed a discount code that you can use at checkout when purchasing your sessions. SIBLING DISCOUNT: Two or more players of the same family are registered within Royalty Athletes for any of the three sports. GROUP DISCOUNT: Four or more players that are all friends register at the same time for the same sport. PACKAGE DISCOUNT: One player is registered for at least two sports within Royalty Athletes.
  • What should I do if I think my player is ready for the next skill level in his/her sport?
    Please contact us with your player's name, age, sport, and current skill level. We will then set up a meeting with you to discuss your player's abilities in his/her respective sport. You can also talk to your players coach about their progression within their skill level. CONTACT US PAGE SKILL LEVEL INFO PAGE
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