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At Royalty Athletes, our players are evaluated at the beginning of their journey within each program to determine their skill level within our recreational sports academies. We split our players into three skill groups: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance. As our coaches see your player developing, we will reevaluate him/her to possibly progress to the next skill group. 

Having our players practice with the similar skill level as their peers helps with progression, discipline, and engagement of the class. To also help with the athletes' improvement, time to time we will combine the skill group classes within the same age group to measure the progression/regression of some players. 

If parentsever have any questions regarding our skill groups philosophy or their child's skill level, then please find a coach at your next training session or
contact us



Every player starts somewhere in their journey to learn how to play soccer, basketball, volleyball. Players at the beginner level are coached the rules and fundamentals about the respective sport. We focus on the techniques to shooting, dribbling, and passing a soccer/basketball ball through various interactives drills and games. Similarly, for volleyball we work on the form to bump the volleyball, positioning to defend, and setting techniques.


Some players can join our program knowing the basics and wanting to elevate their skills. Alongside skills, soccer, basketball, and volleyball are physically challenging sport. Therefore, while building the players' knowledge about their sport we strive to build their fitness through agility drills, conditioning, and speed drills. This is also when players enrolled in Royalty Spikes learn to spike the volleyball. 




Our advanced category of players start to learn the strategies and tactics of the game. They have the fundamentals down and good conditioning to be athletically ready to play different positions on the field/court. With more complex training sessions and understanding of the game players are ready for competitive play.

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