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The newest addition to Royalty Athletes is Royalty Spikes, our volleyball branch. Royalty Spikes is led by experienced coaches that played for the Mountain House High School Varsity Volleyball team leading the squad to an undefeated record and divisional champions. After months of creating a proper curriculum and recruiting professional coaches, Royalty Spikes is ready to start training sessions for the eager youth in Mountain House. As volleyball is not as popular of a sport than soccer and basketball, it is important to open the doors for children to a new sport such as volleyball. Our coaches will create a fun environment teaching the class the different skills of volleyball and build the interest of all the growing volleyball players!

Classes consists of skills training, scrimmages, and end of the month indoor matches.

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We offer classes four days a week. Our times vary depending on the dismissal of the local elementary schools. Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays will typically be from 5PM - 7PM. Classes on Friday will typically be from 4PM - 7PM. Classes on Saturday will be in the morning from 10AM-1PM. Our sessions are only one hour long.

Royalty Spikes Mountain House

392 E Ramsey Dr, Mountain House, CA 95391

Located at Julius Cordes Elementary School. Royalty Spikes practices adjacent to Royalty Kicks at the southeast corner of the property, at the corner of Ramsey Dr and S Prosperity St. Parking can be found on the street and down the road in a parking lot at 265 E Ramsey Dr, Mountain House, CA 95391
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